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Senior Dental Care

As the years go by we become more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum diseases.  Dental issues may become more prevalent in senior years.

We understand you may have experienced a lifetime of dental issues and exposure to teeth grinding, tooth trauma, gum disorders, smoking, alcohol and other lifestyle choices.  You may have had extensive dental work which is now tired, or suffering wear and tear and breaking down.

It is important that you maintain good oral hygiene practices through regular brushing and flossing.  Regular checkups will help make your treatment more simple and effective.

We believe that a healthy smile is as important in your advanced years as they are in your younger years.

With proper dental care, regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist, teeth and gums can stay in great condition even in advancing years.

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Accessing dental care can also pose a challenge as mobility and transportation becomes a problem.  memory loss may mean that brushing and flossing is forgotten or that arthritis may make practising good dental difficult.

One of the most important considerations in senior dental care is continuity of care. You don’t want to chop and change your dentist.  Dr Justin Martin (Dentist) will provide compassion and gentle dental care.

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