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Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a way of restoring and preserving a tooth that has been attacked by bacteria and has decayed.  Sometimes decay can cause a hole or a disintegration of the tooth matter.

A filling is a compound that bonds to the tooth preventing further decay.  This is important because if bacteria reaches the tooths nerve, it can do further damage and cause a lot of pain.  Left untreated, tooth decay and cavities can cause chronic pain and long-term irreversible damage.

Sometimes, all that’s needed is to fill where the tooth structure has broken down.  This helps the tooth continue functioning, be healthy and stop further decay.

If you leave or ignore the signs and symptoms, a small problem may become a much bigger issue – and cost a lot more money and time to fix.

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We usually think of fillings tucked away in your molars and back teeth.  But on occasions you may need or want to have fillings on your front teeth.  This may cause some concern and anxiety as the filling is highly visible.

If your front teeth have been worn down, jagged, rough, cracked and weathered you might want to build them up.  Maybe you have a large gap between your teeth?  A composite filling is a great way of bridging that gap.  Everyone deserves a great smile!

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