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Our approach to your dental care is simple:

  • we take time to talk with you and understand your needs
  • we practice minimum intervention dentistry
  • we partner and consult with you – that means your dental plan is designed with you and for you
  • we take a holistic and integrated approach – so we understand your overall oral health needs

Personalised Care, Local and Accessible.

At Woodville & Seaton Dental Clinic we understand the pressures and priorities faced by families.  Our dedicated and gentle staff will ensure a comfortable dental experience.  Our personalised care means a tailored treatment approach that is specific to the needs and preferences of each patient.


Our values

At Woodville & Seaton Dental Clinic we aim to serve our patients with a focus on:

Personalised Care

We believe in establishing open communication , and listen to your concerns and preferences, in order to provide the best care that is tailored to your needs.


We help you take the steps to maintain and improve your oral health, such as regular teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatments. The goal is to prevent the development of dental problems, such as cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.


We aim to help you better understand oral hygiene, and other factors that can impact your oral health, and give you the tools you need to maintain great oral health.

Comprehensive Care

We take a holistic approach to oral health, which includes preventative, restorative, diagnostic, and cosmetic treatment, as well as maintenance and follow-up care. Our dental focus includes your overall health, lifestyle and oral health history in providing personalised care.

Our fully qualified and experienced team is committed to develop
high quality dental care to you and your family.

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