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Dentures are plates that support artificial teeth and replace your missing teeth.

The denture plate can support one or many teeth.  These are known as full or partial dentures, and are custom made for either your lower or upper jaw.

You can have either a metal denture (chrome cobalt) or plastic denture.  The choice also depends on the number of teeth you have remaining.

The benefits of dentures include greater ability to chew, speech improvements and they can also improve your appearance and self-confidence.  Dentures are also a cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth, serving as an alternative to intrusive surgical methods such as implants.

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Your dentures may also need to be adjusted as your jawbone may change in time.

Your dentures may become loose or ill-fitting or cause discomfort.  This may indicate that the denture needs to be realigned or replaced.

You should continue with regular dental checkups to check the soft tissues of your mouth and undertake a review of your denture and any maintenance.

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