Loose Teeth

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Loose Teeth

Tooth loss can occur at any stage in your life.

We often associate tooth loss with the ageing process.  Recent times have shown better personal oral care and regular dental maintenance such as check-ups and cleanings has significantly slowed down the rate of tooth loss.

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Tooth loss can occur due to poor oral hygiene.  Daily brushing and flossing reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth that we commonly known as plaque.  With regular check-ups and cleanings you can minimise the rate of loss of tooth through gum disease and tooth decay.

Another cause of loose teeth is grinding (bruxism).  Grinding goes beyond the limit of what a tooth and its supporting structure can tolerate.  This can lead to tooth damage, loose teeth and even the loss of a tooth.

Regular dental maintenance and care can slow down or even stop the deterioration in the gum structure.  A dental check-up can help identify early onset of gum disease.

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