General Dentistry


General Dentistry

Keep your gums and teeth healthy and happy. Our comprehensive general dentistry services are aimed at enhancing and maintaining your oral health and keep you smiling!

We provide the dental care your whole family needs - where your visit to the dentist is affordable, gentle and tailored to your individual needs.

As a general dental practice we offer a combination of specialised dental services involving oral surgery, restorative practices, cosmetic dentistry and preventative dental care.

Regular visits to a general dentist are important to make sure your gum, teeth and mouth stay healthy. Ideally, a check up every 6 months will help in the identification and diagnosis of any changes in your dental health. This is also a good opportunity to check for gum disease, tooth decay and any other changes.

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What Does A General Dentist Do?

The general dentist is in the best position to fully understand your needs and customise your treatment. Since the principal goal of a general dentist is in the prevention and diagnosis of oral diseases, you know you are in good hands.

Some of the most common procedures and treatments that a general dentist undertakes include:

Some dental diseases and problems can be indicative of other diseases. The general dentists approach to evaluate, diagnose and treat dental issues and abnormalities means they can identify problems that may need specialised attention. The general dentist can then refer to a specialist dental practitioner or a GP for further investigation and treatment.

Where problems are discovered and they don't require specialised care, the general dentist is equipped to provide the restorative care to treat and repair your tooth.

The general dentist is also provide oral hygiene instruction. This is to ensure you have all the skills, knowledge and support to better manage and optimise your overall oral health.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry refers to a broad range of procedures and treatment options. The aim is to help you maintain a good level of oral health through monitoring and managing your symptoms and oral health needs. In summary, general dentistry is about maintaining the appearance and function of your teeth

General dentistry is a broad umbrella term used for most dental procedures and treatments not requiring specialist care. However, many of the treatments considered general dental can be further categorised as:

  • preventative dental services - as the label suggests, the aim of such services is to prevent dental problems from arising. This may also include the maintenance and prevention of existing problems from escalating into bigger problems.
  • restorative dental services - these procedures and treatments occur when a problem has arisen and needs intervention. Usually, the aim is to save the tooth. Depending on the damage to the tooth from tooth decay or trauma, restorative treatments range from a filling , to root canal treatment or a crown and bridge. Some dentists refer to themselves as restorative dentists.


Root Canal

Relieves pain, repair and save a damaged or infected tooth

Tooth Extraction

If your tooth is damaged beyond repair, its removal may be necessary to protect your oral health


A full or partial denture can restore your smiles function and appearance and improve your confidence. Natural looking, well fitting and comfortable.

Senior Dental Care

We understand how your oral health changes as you grow older. Maintain strong and healthy teeth through our full range of treatment options, specifically designed to meet the needs of our senior patients.


Our tooth coloured fillings can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth.

Relief of Pain

Get dental care to relieve you of unwanted pain or discomfort and get you smiling again.

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