Dental Check-up

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Dental Check-up

One of the big reasons for having a regular dental check-up is to prevent little issues turning into big problems.

A check-up is a great way to screen for any oral health issues. Many visiting the dentist choose to have a routine dental check up and clean. It gives you an opportunity to check in with you dental or dental hygienist. A dental check-up provides you with a thorough review of you teeth, gums and mouth. It also is an important step in your overall oral hygiene program.

A comprehensive dental check-up can lead to early diagnosis and intervention.   Not only are we monitoring your dental health but we will track any changes to your gum health and general dental condition. These examinations can highlight gum disease, tooth decay and other dental problems. this is especially the case where you are not experiencing any signs or symptoms.

A dental check-up gets into those deep oral spaces that you can’t see, clean or examine yourself.  It is a preventative and an early intervention measure, that if performed regularly can keep cavities and tooth decay at bay.

Your Check up Appointment - What To Expect?

At a dental check up, the dentist will ask you whether you have any dental concerns. this includes understanding whether you have experienced any problems with your broader dental care. The dentist will check:

  • whether you have plaque and tartar on your teeth and at the gum line.  A check up can provide information about your overall dental health and the severity of any decay to the tooth
  • your gums for signs and symptom of gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease)
  • your tongue for any anomalies, swelling or problems and any signs or symptoms that could indicate more serious conditions

Your check up can also involve a professional dental cleaning. A cleaning before a check up can also be a good idea. This will allow the dentist to examine your mouth after the removal of tartar and plaque.

A dental check up helps in the assessment of the gums and determining whether you have gum disease and its severity.

A scale and clean can be followed by a polish. This will give a smooth and shiny finish to your teeth.

When are X-rays required?

Whether you need an x ray depends on your dental history. This takes into consideration if you have a pre-existing dental conditions or are in a high risk category for tooth decay.

If you are requesting a comprehensive dental examination, an x ray will be required. Generally, if you are in a low caries category, an x ray will be taken every 3 years.

The benefits of an x ray is that it can highlight tooth decay which is not seen by just looking in the mouth. Further still, an x ray can identify tooth decay at a far earlier stage. This will result in less invasive dentistry and a better outcome.

This means the early onset of tooth decay underneath existing fillings and between teeth can be spotted in an x ray. Unfortunately, the early stages of tooth decay and gum disease are often not visible. They are often undetected by the naked eye.

After Your Check-Up

After your check up the dentist will provide you with a review of the status of your teeth and mouth. At this stage the dentist will suggest any necessary treatment options with you. This may be the opportunity to improve your brushing technique. Maybe you can better understand, implement or improve your oral hygiene practices. It is also a good time to discuss lifestyle questions such as the impact of nutrition and alcohol to your oral health

Sometimes you may need a follow-up appointment to review or start new treatment. You may be requested to get an OPG (Xray) or have an appointment with a dental specialist. Whatever your dental issue or procedure, the dentist is there with to provide advice and support.

Are You Thinking of a Dental Check-up?

With regular check ups your dentist will monitor your oral health and address those issues sooner rather than later.

Your check-up can also provide you with tips and advice on how to keep your teeth clean. It is a great opportunity to talk about any issues or concerns you may have, like teeth sensitivity or that niggly pain or ache that occasionally flares up.

This may mean any future treatment is more conservative, less expensive and can have a greater chance of success!

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