General Dental Scheme (GDS) – SADS

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General Dental Scheme (GDS) - SADS

Are you eligible?

We welcome all patients that are approved to participate in the South Australian Dental Services (SADS) dental schemes.

The General Dental Scheme (GDS) is designed to provide general dental treatment to eligible patients.  If you want more information about the scheme, contact your local SADS clinic and inquire about your eligibility.

If you are eligible, you may be issued with a GDS form from SADS to take to the dentist of your choice who participates in the scheme.

What Dental Procedures are Covered?

A GDS form is only valid for natural teeth and not your denture.  Some procedures are fully covered by the scheme, while others require a contribution to a maximum amount as stated on the issued form.  If you need more information please call our clinic and we can provide more information.

If you have a GDS Form

If you are issued with a GDS form, this is valid for 4 months.  You need to make sure that you attend the dentist of your choice well before the cut off date.  Please note that your dental procedures must be completed within 4 months of the issued date.

All you need to do next is book an appointment for your required dental treatment!  Inform us that you have a GDS form when you make your appointment.  If you have an questions or concerns our friendly staff will be able to help you on (08) 8268 5422.

At your appointment

Ensure you have a valid GDS form.  You must bring your GDS form to your appointment.  You will also need:

  • a current pensioner concession card (PCC) or
  • a current Health Care Card (HCC)

Please check the date on your card/s to ensure they are current.

When is payment required?

Payment is required at each appointment.  If treatment value is greater than the GDS form provides, treatment cannot commence until SADS provides guidance to the dentist.

If you require further information about the SADS form and requirements please call us on (08) 8268 5422.

My GDS form has expired

If you present your form outside of the allocated date on the GDS form you will not be treated and must return to the issuing SADS clinic.

For more information contact your local SADS clinic.


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